Srirangapatnam (Mysore/Karnataka) - SAVAARI IN SOUTH INDIA

Our Journey started from Hyderabad (also called Hi-Tec city) on 15th Oct 2012. Actual program was about attending an Interview at Bangalore. We booked a bus ticket from a private travels. To my goodness, they allotted us in an A/C bus, instead of super deluxe. Sharp 8:05PM started from Miyapur-Hafeezpet junction. Ours is the first pickup. After picking up all other others and to exit Hyderabad outskirts it was almost 10:50PM.

How ever the head ache was finished the next day. Now suddenly planned for trip, may or may not come again to Bangalore. And also after marriage we haven’t went any place to visit. So, we booked a package with a private travel agent.

Towards Mysore...

Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple - Adi Ranga
Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple - Srirangapatnam

Sri Rangapatnam - First destiny of tour and entrance to city of Mysore which is 19 KM away from main city, we have entered through Fort walls which are similar to Golconda fort of Hyderabad.

More than a historical place, Its an Island surrounded by river Cauvery (Kavery), River divides into to ways and a land formed between them is Sri Rangapatna also known as Adi Ranga. There are other two similar Islands of Sri Ranga.

  • Madhya Ranga in Mandya district of Karnataka
  •  Antya Ranga in Tiruchirapalli district of Tamilnadu.

water facility for town by Tippu sultan - Srirangapatna mysore
water facility for town by Tippu sultan

Each of these Places has a Very historical temple of Sri Ranganatha Swamy (Form of Lord Vishnu). Temple was built by Ganga Dynasty rulers Raja Odeyaar kings during 9th Century AD. During Tippu sultan’s period it was the main center and recreation place for him. There is a water gate way for the people of Tippu sultan’s kingdom for their daily needs, also lord Shiva temple. Many stalls installed with various arts-crafts made of sandal wood by local people.

Tippu Sultans dead body - Srirangapatna mysore
Tippu Sultans dead body found here - Srirangapatna mysore

Near to Ranganatha swamy temple, the dead body of Tippu sultan was found during the fourth Anglo-Mysore war in Battle of Seringapatam in 1799. As per history it is said that, Hyder Ali Khan, the chief of Tippu sultans army has killed him by the help of Britishers to conquer Tippu;s place. At a short distance from Temle, a place where Tippu Sultan specially made a vacation home stay made of wood used to visit mostly during summer. Now it was made a museum describes History of Tippu sultan and collections and weapons used by him. Next spot is the burial ground of Tippu Sultan, a big infrastructure with Masjid and garden surrounding it. Various photographs taken during visit…

Tippu Sultan Wooden house Museum - Srirangapatnam
Tippu Sultan Wooden house Museum - Srirangapatnam
Journey ends in Srirangapatna and continues towards Garden city Mysore….. see you there

Navarathri - celebrations of Subcontinent

Navratri (Nine day celebrations) means and importance:

There are nine forms of Goddess durga matha. Below mentioned are list of goddess forms.

Durga Matha - Navratri 2012
Durga Matha - Navratri

Ekaam - First day : this day is dedicated to Goddess  Shailputri (daughter of Himalaya)
Duj - Second day : this day is dedicated to  Goddess Bramcharini (peaceful form of Durga)
Tritiya - Third day : this day is dedicated to  goddess Chandra ghanta (anger form of Durga)
Chaturthi - Fourth day : this day is dedicated to goddess Kushmanda (happy form of Durga)
Panchmi - Fifth day : this day is dedicated to  goddess Skand mata (blessing form of Durga)
Shasthi - Six day : this day is dedicated to Goddess Katyayani(daughter form of Durga)
Saptami - Seven day : this day is dedicated to Goddess Kalratri (cruel and violent form of Durga)
Astami - Eight day : this day is dedicated to Goddess Maha gauri (form of mata parvati and symbol of purity)
Navmi - Ninth day : this day is dedicated to the goddess Siddhidatri(knowledge form of Durga)

Durga Matha - Navratri 2012
9 forms of Durga Matha - Navratri

Lepakshi Temple ..! Anantapur ..! - Savaari in subcontinent

Nandi - Vehicle of Lord Shiva
Monolithic Nandi - Vehicle of Lord Shiva

Lepakshi, is a historic town and a mandal in district of Anantapur - Andhra Pradesh state. Located at 120 km away from Bangalore. 16 km from the left side of the road on Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway. The largest monolith statue of Nandi (Lord Shiva's Vehicle/Pet) is in this garden, in an urban accession style of Olympia sitting posture. Just 200 m. away from here a Shiva temple is located, the arts embedded here are of the middle ages of an ancient Indian style. Lord Shiva statue seems to be about thirty feet height is encircled with a snake in outdoors. Fine architecture of pillars, arches, and many historical sculptures are found here. It is still worshiped by the people surrounding areas, in this temple there are a number of small and medium sized shiva lingas. The temple has a moderately large campus is beautiful and the temple is placed in center.
Lepakshi temple Anantapur
Lepakshi Lord shiva temple with huge Naga encircled.

There are many special features of the temple remains unknown. There is a statue of Durga Devi on mast of MoolaVirattu Veerabhadhra Swami temple. Usually, God appears from outside through the main doors of Temple, Swami is Ugra (Anger) virabhadhra, so doors are little bit side of the entrance to the temple so that eye contact shouldn't directly falls on to the town. Kalankari images were excellent on the roof in the temple. The main attraction of the temple is, one can move a towel cloth under the pillar built in temple. This is a great example for engineering technology implemented during long back in India.
Floating Pillar at Lepakshi ananthapur
Floating Pillar at Lepakshi

Snake - the jewel of Lord shiva
Snake - the jewel of Lord Shiva

Kalyana mandapam LEPAKSHI ananthapur
Kalyana mandapam LEPAKSHI ananthapur

This is just example of Indian History. There are many unknown mysteries in India. Know them, save the Greatness of Indian - Subcontinent.

Save India – Save Nature

As we all know India has many Natural Resources and wealth. A country proved as King of Agricultural products. In every aspects of natural wealth, India has its own mark. A country where people work hard for their living as well as their pets like cow, buffalo, even trees. Also they worship them as gods and serve them like their children.

Actual Indian tradition of Business Vs Modern Technology effects:
A farmer who grows various products to sell them will form a syndicate and choose a place and selling value for the products. They sell them and make their living at reasonable values. The consumer who buys them will be satisfied by the quality and quantity of the product. Farmers follow Rotational Crop format so that soil will be fertile long time. For ex: If farmer chooses to sow groundnut this year, next year he chooses some other crop like cotton, corn etc. so that fertility of soil remains in a stable position.

Each Agricultural term has its uniqueness, let’s take paddy as example. Rice grains is a product as we use in our daily life, rice by crushing can make flakes, the grass and brown layer above rice can be used as rich protein food product for cows, buffalo, horses etc. but these days technology made people mad and just plucking rice grains from crop and again harvesting for rice. These are affecting the food habits of pets and imbalances. As per the tradition, grass and other left over products which are feed to cows makes them healthier and gives good quality of milk. Breaking the rules of nature and changing the logic's affecting us today as shortage of milk.

There are many such examples, resulting in natural imbalances. Believe it or not Deforestation today lead to increase in mosquito population. Silly to be in thoughts but fact, here are many such factors making the life of many living things in Endangered. Sparrows the friendliest birds are almost at peak stage of Endangered.

To be Continued....